PayPal and download store is "soon come" as they say in Savanna la Mar.  For now, earlier and recent titles are available by special arrangement.

all checks and money orders to p. kopasz 1785 beacon hill rd. lexington KY 40504 or else write 


Titles recently rolled out and available for purchase for ten bucks each on CD are:

'the beacon hill serenade'

'switchback lounge'

'gavage IV'

'songs for girls III'

'british evasion'


More available titles currently available for ten bucks each on CD ("soon" available as downloads):

Maintain Radio Silence (2005?)

Songs for Girls (2010)

Hollywood Drive (2011)

Otto's Blues (1992)

Live Prayers (2002)

Switchback Lounge (brand new)


There are also a precious few remaining copies of the 3-disc Panopticon for fifty bucks

and still some copies of the fine boxed set Stolen Gems for twenty five