easter is supposed to be a time of rebirth and usually it does work out that way although the birthing (or rebirthing) can take some time. this and last year's easter provided very dramatic examples. a whole slew of new music and film is about to burst forth from the holy roman empire and the corporate offices at judge mountain and the switchback lounge. unfortunately during this flurry of greenery and rain i have found no purchase in my normal haunts and so have removed myself, cheney-like, to a secure and undisclosed location where my creative seeds may find fertility. i don't really even know where i am and the feeling, unsettling at first, has become a comfort and an artistic spur.


so what's up?

there's a smokin' hot party on judge mountain on may 21 celebrating thom and julie's 20th year of wedded bliss. for directions just ask. the mountain is kid-friendly. 

there will prolly be some band performances at the movie premieres in the ohio river valley when 'a wilderness of mirrors' is ready to be shown. we are planning premieres in cincinnati, louisville and lexington.

acting in a movie, finishing up john's movie, finishing three new discs (maybe four) and polishing up the songs for gavage IV. also: many poems, short stories, paintings and posters (though no public shows are currently scheduled) but mostly songs, songs and more songs. which is good because i recently had a sort of special and warm rapprochement with my dear timmy welch brought on by the death of our mutual directorial hero sidney lumet and as a result of this chance reunion it seems as if we may be doing some recording together soon. the batch of songs that is ready to go is totally solid. more about these new efforts later.

firstly, we have a new consigliere. because mrs. descarpentries has been forbidden any communications with me by the authorities is has been necessary to replace her. it is not possible to reveal the name of the new consigliere, not even to that person themself. the post has been filled by an able-minded soul whose name and face would never in a million years stir up the slightest whiff of suspicion or subversion.

our colleague brooklyn brian has called quoting the bhaghavad gita and warning of a great battle about to begin. i have interpreted this as romantic advice. these sorts of titanic struggles tend to creep up on one and before the situation has even explained itself one finds oneself embroiled in serious warfare. if you look around you will see that this happens everywhere and on every level. so far i don't think any shots have been fired.

on the other hand things haven't exactly been peaceful what with 33 revolutions per minute. i feel lucky to be in exile rather than at war. while i've been in exile this past year two wars have turned into three and somehow none of the waves none of the disease none of the noise has washed up on judge mountain. only the economics have soured but those have soured for everyone. the thing about exile is that it is both technological (no access to certain lines of communication) and psychological (the lack of access to loved ones or business partners). i am like hst without telephone or television with only the mystical 'mojo wire' connecting me to the rest of the world. but still it's better than war. then again maybe not. i have been put on a list of people whose phone calls should not be put through to leigh farnsley at her rest home in colorado. that is a form of exile for which i did not, could not, prepare. no more updates on leigh will be forthcoming as i cannot think of anything more to say.

a recent study shows that nearly half of all beef poultry and pork in US supermarkets is contaminated with staph infections including MRSAs. time to stop eating meat.

it was quite a thrill to play 'oscar' in the short film 'from an elevation.' Oscar is a christian fundamentalist and recent adult circumcision who sprouts a bleeding erection beneath his pajamas, screaming and cursing all the while. a gratuitous example of typecasting.

the daily entries being received by the november group have been extended for not one but two more years. if someone wants to be removed from the list please say so.

these are the new recordings and also the recordings that will be coming out later in the summer. please check the music page fro a full catalogue.

ready now are:

hollywood (aka 'jive')

live prayers (a radio broadcast about 10 years old featuring the excellent prayers lineup)

bronze country greats (what it sounds like)

greed (ca. 1989)

TKO 1 (a best of compiled by cousin david that stretches back to the vinyl release 'patriots' back in '86)


we are re-releasing 2000's 'cycles' because of some amount of public demand.

later in the summer we will have available:

broken word (spoken pieces)

gavage 4

british evasion (an ep of covers by the kinks, mott, john cale etc.)


also i have decided to make available the special 3-disc edition of panoptikon

it's still one of a kind and the limited edition is still limited (this will be the second batch of a thousand) and it's still fifty bucks but it's pretty good.

all the other discs are ten bucks each post included.


here are some things to which i've been paying close attention.

movies: 'resolved,' 'full metal jacket,' 'get shorty,' 'night on earth,' 'coffee and cigarettes,' 'jackie brown.'

books: 'the club dumas,' greek and roman poetry. williams blake, burroughs and butler-yeats, bukowski, jack london and nick tosches.

music: 'planet waves' and more 'planet waves.' also 'sleepwalker,' 'paris 1919' spirit '12 dreams of dr. sardonicus' and townes' 'high, low and in between.'

also there is the manny pacquiao/ shane mosely fight on derby day. also there is the glorious return of vinny d tonight on a new 'law and order: criminal intent.' also 'the wire' and 'boardwalk empire.'

some of our friends need your prayers and benevolent regards: tracy, mk, david, susan and of course leigh who i will probably not mention again.

oh yeah, happy easter.. 


April's Fool

we have a brand new record out but what is more important is that vince donofrio is returning to law and order:criminal intent at the beginning of may! just in time for the rich folks to get geared up for horse racing season! the new recording is called 'slingin' jive and stayin' alive at five five five hollywood drive.' that is the address of the studio. the song titles are listed below.

there are seven brand new songs that are original and two covers, a jazz standard and a nick cave song.

the soundtrack work continues and there is also another new recording tentatively titled 'clyde's carry out' and also the spoken word disc is almost finished. it will prolly be titled 'broken word.'

oh, and my friend lizzie got to eat dinner with francis ford coppola.


the titles for 'hollywood drive':

sugar bay

genetic blues

ashley's blues

fly me to the moon

keep you safe

up jumped the devil

please be here



First, March

There is a rare show on Monday, March 14. It is a sort of fundraiser for a film called 'Lord have Mercy' which I am scoring. It goes down at Natasha's Bistro in Lexington on Esplanade. There is also a rare appearance on Friday, March 18 at the revered and world renowned Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky. There may be band members along for the ride or I may play alone. It remains unclear but the the show is an early one.
The movie has been re-edited and is been seen now. John the director feels that the colors need to be enhanced and that the sound should be remixed. We are planning premieres in the summer in Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington; places and and times soon to be confirmed. actually it may be even late into the summer before we get these screenings arranged but the wait will be worthwhile.



this guy i used to know

and one more.

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here is another:

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