small newsletter late summer 2012
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 11:07PM

my new group cable hogue has been recording and rehearsing and done two -- count 'em two -- live shows. the group is solid but we are not exactly going on any world tour anytime soon. we do have a set list around twenty songs. it is a very good set list. the songs include some not played in twenty years or so like 'haunt' and 'tailspin' and 'the blue sun.' there are songs from the alias records period including 'imperial statues' 'deep freeze' and 'the lavender door' (as well as the aforementioned 'haunt').  the list also includes songs from the farnsley recordings period like 'generous offer' but mostly the songs are from little known discs of the last three years. some of these songs are the best like 'if you cast a shadow' 'sugar bay' 'please be here' and 'ashley's blues.' there are no currently pending engagements/gigs/bookings other than ken kurson's fiftieth birthday party in november of 2018, but that could change rather soon, depending on OUR availability. the group cable hogue consists of me on the vocals and guitar, brian arnett (formerly of ten foot pole) on the bass, bob burriss (designer of the famed burriss tube amps) on guitar and mick moon (veteran of several paul k and the weathermen albums and tours) on drums.

remember there are free songs you can get at <>. at the archive site you will have to fish around a bit to find the material but there is a lot of it there.

the 'wilderness of mirrors' film should be out before christmas but i write this with my fingers crossed. i've anounced it before so many times that this afternoon i am working on a song called 'the boy who cried wolf' and i apologize to people who expected the film earlier. we'll get it, don't worry.

other brief items: the recent discs 'switchback lounge' gavage IV' 'songs for girls III' and 'british evasion' have all gotten a good reception.

we have discovered a small cult following in of all places argentina! some folks down there seem to like the PKW records.




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