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Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 02:39AM

sorry this one is so long, gang but an awful lot of things have been happening.

 please look for additional or more recent information at <>.

these websites are constantly in flux and i am never sure whether they will be up or down. some very big changes are coming, that much is certain. this website could in fact be in jeopardy so these newsletters will continue.

 ashley tells me that brad pitt is going to be acting in a film production of 'cogan's trade'! only the second film made from a george higgins novel! higgins is the godfather of post-chandler crime literature. moreso than ellroy, leonard or anyone. quentin t should take notice.

 i don't think i made the cut in my jeopardy tryout but i am getting my teeth fixed at public expense even as i am leaving the disabled list. i suppose i will now be expected to perform standing up.

 all the pretty girls in the ohio river valley are angry and sad and anyone who missed the judge mountain wedding anniversary/judgment day (as in the end of the world) party missed an awfully good one, musically and in every other way. i'd not been to the mountain in a while but the place was in top shape and the turnout was robust. most especially i was happy to see that in my absence the switchback lounge has been under the administration of a small group of investors (who wish for obvious reasons to remain unnamed) who have done quite a good job with the joint. there are now strobe lights and a disco ball and an evolving lunch/ late night menu. if you haven't been there look it up. it's truly world famous.

 there are as always many new releases to describe and proffer and much new recording is occurring. many -- or at least a few -- of these new releases will bear the band name 'twinpike' or 'two-pack' or 'twin peaks' or 'tow-park' or ‘mick moon' because this round of recording will be in partnership with mister welch.

first of all, the blue sun is reissued.

second, the final installment (volume IV) of the 'gavage' sequence is finally available. there have been four discs (now) each one holding nine 'real' songs and four bonus tracks, all assembled with strict adherence to numerological (if not aesthetic) standards and yielding a total of 52 songs, one for each card in a regular deck. volume four is called 'the joker IS the ace of spades you stupid fuck' and the song titles are as follows:


funny face

gone and not gone

high low and in between

no reason to lie

oak island

please forget

plenty of reasons to cry

rooming house

this guy i knew


street hassle

airports of the world


the live prayers disc is available. the song list is:


they don't make things like they used to

the lavender door

you took it too far

nashville, tennessee

radiant and white


talking tv weatherwoman blues


loving cup

slow it down

holiday inn

the judge on judgment day



'song for girls 3' is available. the song list is:

le roi

when you were certain

walking backwards

angel eyes

love's accomplice


love is a gas

you're my best friend


'bronze country hits,' is a compilation of our best country/ western influenced songs. the song list is:

poor man's eyes

nashville, tennessee

haunt me 'til i'm gone

god's own singer

already in the ground

cold summer night


don't take more than you need

you took it too far

the judge on judgment day

sacred mud

the whiskey song



the disc 'insects' is available. it comes from sometime in the late 1980's and consists mostly of full band and live recordings with decent but not outstanding sound quality. like 'greed' it is a double disc. i am still finishing up the artwork but the music has been mastered. the song list is as follows:

disc 1


amphetamines and coffee

borrowed souls

a night in tunisia

heart attack

nothing makes me happy

dow and jones

kick out the jams

a night in tunisia

amphetamines and coffee

desperation move


disc 2

chalk outline

take the k train



dow and jones

gimme shelter

landfill blues


i'll be around

backward sliced paper

the book of lies

the disc 'greed' is also ready except for the last few touches on the cover artwork/sleeve. it comes from the same nebulous time period and production milieu as 'insects' above and consists of the following standout indie hits:

disc 1

such a shame

tammy's blues


midtown motel

the arson biz


null zone

the tower

enemy agent

if your world is short of perfection

ellesmere island

marching in a circle

nobody has the necessary skill (germ)


disc 2


you got to move

conceal it

the mask

forgotten title

black george

forgotten title

(love is like an) itchin' in my heart

sick of all of this


dillinger smiles

ask no questions

the motherland

dull aching pain


the disc variously known as 'hollywood,' 'hollywood and sunset,' 'hollywood drive,' 'jive,' etc. is available and it represents the first material written on judge mountain. there are many different song lineups for this disc but the core list (in proper sequence) is as follows:

sugar bay

genetic blues

if you should stumble

ashley's blues

fly me to the moon

if you cast a shadow in these hills

keep you safe

up jumped the devil

please be here (when i get home) 

the covers disc 'british evasion' is being recorded now over at otto's on hollywood.

the new recordings with mister welch will be another trip entirely. the songs will end up sounding like love and the kinks and townes and john call.


here are the five best LOVE albums for all you young'uns:

1. let's get it on -- marvin comes clean

2. layla and other love songs -- she's my best friend's girlfriend

3. planet waves -- all beautiful dylan love songs except one hate song

4. songs for swingin' lovers -- sinatra's last grasp at innocence

5. phases and stages -- a willie nelson opera!


there has been more recording and live work here in the bluegrass but all of it is sub rosa until such a time as john bosch's film is to premiere. until then the gigs are either private ones or else too small to mention. i am hoping to do some solo shows inlexington either at al's or the sidebar perhaps featuring guest 'stars' or whoever else is brave and foolish enough to climb up onstage with me and fight his or her way through my better known originals and handfuls of obscure covers.

the annual tony and kelly briggs memorial day bash was something. all the old schoolers were there and several hipsters and socialites of more recent vintage. i think i played three originals and four covers. i only had one drink and one beer. the performance went real well in spite of the presence of a number of folks who made and make me nervous including a few i am convinced either pity or despise me (prolly both). ah well, as dave mamet had just said in that morning's times 'i've been alienating my audience since i was 20 years old.' amen.

it will be time now to make a few serious changes. all of the newest recordings will be posted soon for free download. what will NOT be posted for free download are the recordings i am working on now.

there will be very little in the way of live performance from here on.  i have already played enough live gigs to stand me a lifetime. if i don't do any (or many) road shows this summer that could mean the end of road shows for me altogether. winter is too inhospitable for a gent of my years and the clubs are becoming fewer and fewer and the money only gets worse. better to spend the time recording and indeed doing very little else. i like a road trip as much as the next guy as long as the next guy isn't townes van zandt (and i like a drink as much as the next man providing the next man isn't oliver reed). also the last year has been crammed full of other non-musical road trips and i am a bit worn out.

so if you want to wait you can get all our recent releases for free on <> or you can buy them now and get actual discs with rather crude but striking artwork and no charge for postage.

but the new production is a different beast entirely and indeed a quantum leap in writing and playing. it may be called 'wansongs' or it might be called 'alien D.A.'

finally, everyone should find themself a copy of 'the great buck howard.'


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