born in detroit and based in kentucky, new york, kentucky, new york again, the federal prison system, kentucky again, amsterdam, kentucky yet again, california and kentucky (again), paul kopasz retired his legendary rotating member trios and ensembles collectively known as the weathermen in the summer of 2010 after 25 years and some 50 full-length releases. the project began as art-damaged punk in 1985 and eventually traversed every known american pop music genre: country, blues, jazz, folk, soul and experimental. along the way paul and his fellows helped invent a few new genres: art-rap, drone-folk, americana lo-fi, catholic heavy metal, electro-ragtime, lesbian-biker folk and hassidic/psychedelic ('hassidelic'). they combined elements of gram parsons the rolling stones, the velvet underground (mo tucker produced 1995's 'love is a gas'), the who, love, the kinks, big star and, most prominently today, townes van zandt. paul k and the weathermen worked for six record labels between 1988 and 1999 and drove five of them bankrupt. the group have yet to earn a hit single, a solid payday or a bad review. the 1999 scii-fi rock opera 'a wilderness of mirrors' is, however, about to be released as a film in the form of a combination fairy tale/ documentary.

a completely independent operation since 2000, beacon hill recordings and farnsley recordings put out paul's discs under his stage name paul k and he continues to perform as a solo act and with small ensembles as time, money and solar winds allow. loathe to leave his coffin before midnight, he and his cats understand that all supermarkets look alike.